The PERKS project supports the holistic governance of industrial PK in its entire life cycle, from elicitation to management and from access to exploitation. PERKS bases its solutions on leading-edge AI (both symbolic and subsymbolic) and data technologies, by advancing and integrating existing methodologies and tools in terms of readiness, flexibility and user acceptance. Besides AI and data, the third pillar of PERKS consists of people: the goal is to put industry workers at the centre, in line with the Industry 5.0 vision, to satisfy their concrete needs, to provide AI-powered digital tools to perform their tasks better and more easily, following a human-in-the-loop paradigm to enhance the technologies and the solutions.

The results are applied in three industrial scenarios

White Goods Production Plant
CNC machines
Microgrid Testbed

The PERKS project in a nutshell


Digital tools are provided to support the elicitation and collection, management and access, reuse and exploitation of Procedural Knowledge in industrial settings.


Industrial Procedural Knowledge is often poorly digitalised and documented, but the correct execution of procedures is crucial for the optimization of industry operations Symbolic and subsymbolic AI are leveraged to build Procedural Knowledge Graphs to be incrementally populated and verified with human-in-the-loop approaches.


FOR WHOM Industry workers are supported in their daily operations in relation to procedure elicitation and execution, improving their efficiency, facilitating their upskilling and knowledge transfer and putting their needs and requirements at the centre as in the Industry 5.0 vision.


Technology and impact partners, which provide products, services, skills and expertise in AI and data technologies, work hand in hand with industrial partners that provide concrete use case scenarios, requirements and business challenges.