SemSys at ESWC 2024 

In the last week of May, three SemSys members (Marta, Fajar, Stefani) attended the 21st edition of ESWC in Crete, Greece. 

Tutorials and Workshops

On Sunday morning Stefani presented a paper on LLM-based Ontology Evaluation  in the DQMLKG (Data Quality meets Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs) workshop. 

In the afternoon, the SemTech4STLD took place and included an invited talk by Marta on Semantic Web and Machine Learning Systems for Intelligent Systems in Complex Domains.

This year’s PhD Symposium was chaired by Marta Sabou and Valentina Presutti. The program included 14 paper presentations which received valuable feedback from mentors and peers as well as a networking lunch where students met the mentors in a less formal setting. 

The day ended with a student-only social event over drinks and dinner.

Main Conference

The main conference included 3 insightful keynotes

Elena Simperl opened the conference with a talk about the evolution of knowledge engineering techniques and methodologies and what generative AI  brings to the picture and what important aspects to focus on would be. 

Katariina Kari presented her team’s work and experience on building enterprise knowledge graphs (IKEA & Zalando). She discussed the main roles involved in the engineering process and their needed set of skills as well as best practices on how to approach the engineering process (and what not to do). 

Peter Clark gave a talk on language models and the ‘mental models’ they have. He showcased how such models can be extracted through self-querying and how reasoning over them can improve them. 

Two papers with SemSys authors were presented in the Special Track on LLMs for KE:

Jongmo Kim (King’s College London) presented OntoChat – a collaborative framework supporting various steps of the Ontology Engineering process and Nilay Tufek (Siemens AG, Germany) presented a paper on Validating Semantic Artifacts With Large Language Models

Demos & Posters. A demo on the Semantic Tool Hub was presented – a collaboration between Universität Rostock, WU Vienna and IBM Research AI. In addition, the project networking was collocated with the poster session and the PERKS and SENSE projects were presented. 

The SemSys team returned home with new insights and potential collaboration ideas and is already excited about the next edition of ESWC.