2 Job Openings

We are excited to announce 2 Job Openings at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) to work as part of the Semantic Systems Vienna:

  1. Tenure Track Assistant Professor (development agreement)

Initial appointment is for 6 years, 40h/week, starting from July 2024. Key areas of interest include: (1) novel AI techniques such as Neurosymbolic AI, machine learning , semantic web, knowledge graphs ; (2) research at the interfaces between AI systems and human society, e.g., hybrid-intelligence, ethical AI, human computation, digitalHumanism as well as (3) the application of AI methods to solve challenges in various domains (e.g., Industry 5.0).

Apply at the WU’s official job portal (job ID = 1985).

  1. Ph.D. position (Teaching and Research Associate)

The successful candidate will work on the topic of AI systems engineering, particularly in the intersection between machine learning, semantic web, and risk assessment and management. This position is funded both from the university global budget (30h/week) and third party research funding under the fairAI project (10h/week). The position is originally advertised for 2.5 years and can possibly be extended up to 4 years through third party research funding. Application deadline is 21.02.2024.

Apply at the WU’s official job portal (job ID = 2000).

Please forward to interested candidates!