2020 ExpCPS Project Kickoff Meeting

Earlier in May, the ExpCPS project had its kick-off meeting for the year 2020. ExpCPS is a cooperation project between TU Wien (SemSys group) and Siemens to develop an explainable cyber-physical system. It is a continuation from a prior project, going from the literature review and framework design into developing a working prototype and further towards research on the explainability algorithms. Preliminary results for this project have been published in the MSCPES workshop earlier this year.

The project utilizes a co-simulation platform developed at Siemens called BIFROST to model various scenarios in the smart grids. The tool works by constructing a small world representation called settlement using a visual drag-and-drop approach to construct a world and having a style that is usually found in simulation games. The complex multi-domains (climate, landscapes, power grid, data grid, etc.) of a smart grid can then be analyzed and communicated in a visually intuitive way. In the future, it is planned to apply the explainable CPS toward real-world IoT projects.