A Story from the ISWC 2021 Doctoral Consortium

In this year of the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2021), both Ph.D. students in the group, Peb Ruswono Aryan and Laura Waltersdorfer presented their paper in the Doctoral Consortium (DC) session. The event was held virtually using a Zoom meeting room in parallel with other ISWC sessions. 

At the beginning of the session, the participants and the chairs get to know each other by introducing an object that represents their Ph.D.

The first keynote was given by this year’s SWSA Dissertation Awardee Vito Walter Anelli sharing his story and insights during his Ph.D.

Afterward, it was the presentation session where each presenter’s pre-recorded presentation was shown and mentors for each presentation session would give their feedback regarding the presentation and the content of the paper.  

Then, there was a mentoring session where the participants were split into two groups in a separate breakout room with each group having their own mentor that would answer all questions from the students (presenting and attending).

Last but not least was the second keynote presented by Anna Lisa Gentile from IBM Research titled “Hitchhiker’s guide to PhD”

One of the memorable tips from this presentation is about “research pitch in 42 seconds” where participants also tried to pitch their research and received immediate feedback. 

If you are interested in the papers from other students as well, the papers for the DC session have been published on the CEUR-WS website here.