Abstract presentation at T7 workshop at Provenance Week

From July 19-22 2021 Provenance Week took place online. There was a dedicated session focused on transparent research called workshop T7.

A selection of main topics included trustworthiness, transparency and traceability in research and key challenges.

Laura Waltersdorfer presented work of the Obaris project focused on auditable spreadsheets in the ecological domain. 

The overall workshop was virtually, however the organisers placed emphasis on making the event as interactive as possible. For these purposes, essential or controversial statements from the speaker presentations were extracted to make participants vote on them. Examples can be regarded under #t7workshop on Twitter. 

The overall program can be regarded on the provenance website here. It was an interesting mix of applied presentations, ranging from analysing Covid-19 preprints to provenance issues in natural history or bioinformatics and general topics such as nanopublications and provenance in distributed settings.

keywords: auditability, provenance, transparency