H2020 Project OntoTrans Kicks Off!

Recently, SemSys group members had the pleasure of participating in the kick-off of the OntoTrans H2020 project.

OntoTrans is a research and innovation action (RIA) and provides an ontology-based Open Translation Environment. Its Artificial Intelligence approach enables end users to represent in a standard ontological form their manufacturing process challenges and to connect them with relevant information sources and materials modelling solutions, capable to support optimal materials and process design.

SemSys will focus on developing an Exploratory Search system (ESS) that supports material science translators in their exploration of semantic data in the area of materials sciences. We will work in close collaboration with Dr. Florina Piroi (project PI from our institute) who will investigate the use of Data Science methods for scalable analytics on knowledge graphs. Additionally, we will also strengthen collaboration with TU Wien’s Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems ( research division Microsystems technology) who is overall project coordinator in the person of Dr. Nadja Adamovic. 

The Kick-off was held as a fully virtual event to which almost 40 participants from the 12 project partners took place to initiate work on the various work-packages which together will lead to the implementation of the ambition OntoTrans Open Translation Environment (OTE).