Invited Guest Lecture: Knowledge Graph as Smart Data toward Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence

Last Week on November 18th, I was invited to give an online guest lecture for Bachelor and Master students at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS Surakarta), Indonesia. The lecture was opened by Dr. Dewi Wardani, a fellow Austrian graduate who is now a Faculty at UNS.

The lecture topic is four-fold:

  1. to introduce Knowledge Graphs and how it can be useful for works in data science and AI;
  2. to tell the story of how the traditional semantic web evolve into knowledge graphs;
  3. to describe the recent research conducted at our SemSys lab; and
  4. to provide a short summary of the study and research in Austria.

Nearly 100 students were present in the lecture, with several questions coming from them during the lecture. In her closing remark, Dr. Wardani expressed her hope that the lecture will spark more interest for students to work more with Knowledge Graph, possibly combined with the more popular topic of Data Science, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Furthermore, she expressed her interest to discuss possible research collaborations between UNS Surakarta with TU Wien on the topic of Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs, which is of course we are happy to comply with. We are looking forward to furthering our cooperation with UNS Surakarta and other universities in Indonesia!

The full lecture (in Indonesian) is available on YouTube.