Knowledge Graph research and the role of Semantic Media Wiki – Panel

The 17th Semantic Media Wiki (SMW) Conference took place between 24th and 26th November online and attracted a record number of 234 participants which could assist to a diverse program featuring excellent talks. 

The closing session of the conference was marked by a panel on Knowledge Graph research and the role of Semantic Media Wiki, in which representatives from industry and academia focused on the emerging notion of Knowledge Graphs and how SMW could play a role in this emerging research field. Moderated by Bernhard Krabina, the panel included the participation of Axel Polleres (WU Wien), Denny Vrandečić (Wikimedia foundation), Emanuel Sallinger (TU Wien), Lydia Pintscher (Wikidata), Markus Krötzsch (TU Dresden), and Marta Sabou (TU Wien).

The panelists shared their favorite definitions on Knowledge Graphs with the SMW community and also talked about a number of different Knowledge graphs, illustrating the breadth of this new concept. A general consensus was that, knowledge acquisition is still an important topic in this research area, where SMW could play an important role and see a renaissance.  In particular, exciting research opportunities lie in better understanding the social and organizational aspects of knowledge creation. SMW could play an important role in this research direction, as the panelists concluded. 

The recording of the panel can be watched online