Katrin and Mevludin join SemSys

We are thrilled to welcome two new colleagues to our group! They will both work in the context of the newly started FFG SENSE project

Dipl-Ing. Katrin Schreiberhuber completed her bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, and Social Sciences at WU Wien. She majored in international business and focused on Data Science and Data-Driven Decision Strategies. Converting from a business-focused education to an informatics-based one, she started her master’s degree in Data Science at TU Wien. There, she focused on Machine Learning, Visual Analytics and Semantic Technologies. Her master thesis focused on applying Knowledge Graph Embeddings to derive Event Explanations in a Knowledge Graph. Based on this research, she joined WU Wien as a PhD student to work further on the intersection between Semantic Technologies and Machine Learning, focusing on  Smart Grid Explainability.

Dr. Mevludin Memedi received the MSc degree in Computer Engineering from Dalarna University, Falun, Sweden, in 2008, and the PhD degree in Information Technology for his research on “Mobile systems for monitoring Parkinson’s disease” from Örebro University, Sweden, in 2014. He is currently affiliated with the Department of Information Systems, Business School, Örebro University as an Assistant Professor. His research focuses on analyzing multimodal sensor data with machine learning and signal processing for systems in health care. He has experience in working in multi-disciplinary research projects with different stakeholders including companies, domain experts, and intended users of the systems. In his projects Mevludin investigated how to build and evaluate data-driven AI-based systems while implementing a user-centered design approach to ensure involvement of end users in the design and development phases of the systems. Additionally, he has experience with teaching in Bachelor and Master courses in Swedish and English. He is a co-supervisor for an ongoing PhD student and two PhD students who graduated 2020 and 2022.