SENSE Project Kick-off

This Spring has brought the start of a new project in the SemSys Group: the FFG-funded SENSE project has started as of February 2023. SENSE stands for Semantics-based Explanation of Cyber-physical Systems and aims to create Explainable Cyber-Physical Systems (ExpCPS) in which system events can be explained to a range of interested stakeholders.

SENSE will run for 30 months and brings together two universities (WU Wien as consortium lead, TU Wien), use case providers in the areas of smart grids (SIEMENS) and smart buildings (AEE), as well as two SME’s active in the area of economic models (MOOSMOAR Energies) and knowledge-graph based chatbots (ONLIM).

The project kick-off took place in early March and marked the start of a busy period for working on this exciting project!