Machine Learning Indonesia Webinar

On 26th December 2020, our group member Peb Aryan gave the invited talk on an online meetup of Indonesian Machine Learning community.

The title of the talk is “Application of Knowledge Graph for Explainability”. The talk is composed of two parts. The first part of the talk is an introduction to knowledge graph, ontology, how to build and query knowledge graphs. The second part is about explainability in general, explainable AI (XAI), explainable CPS (ExpCPS) and at the end discussing on what are the requirements to extend towards explainable governments. The whole talk is around 3 hours long.

MLID is a community for machine learning enthusiasts started in January 2018 and currently has around 9000+ members ranging from students and academics to professionals working in AI and other industries. The discussion group hosted on Telegram channel and having offline meetups. However, the meetups are now hosted virtually on Zoom and Youtube due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

The slide for the talk is available (English)

The recorded video for this webinar is available on youtube (Indonesian)