IYKRA Global AI Community Data Fellowship Program Mentorship

On 1st & 8th November, one of the group members, Peb Aryan participated as a mentor in the Global AI Community Data Fellowship program by IYKRA to have a one-month intensive course on data-science. The program is a cooperation between IYKRA , an Indonesian talent and capability provider company and Techbros, an IT and Telco HW/SW service company in Germany. 

Data Fellowship program is a full scholarship training program that provides intensive and fast track training in the field focused on data science and data professional hard and soft skills. The majority of the participants are Indonesian students living in Europe who are interested in data science with or without background in computing-related sciences. 

The program syllabus consists of 8 Data management oriented courses from data management until business and legal aspect. At the end of this program there is a capstone project where the students undertake real-world problems from the program partners using the skills acquired in the beginning of the program. In this program, he delivered two courses : Introduction to Python Programming and Unsupervised Learning. The other mentors are graduate students and professionals who mainly work in EU countries (Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden).