Proficiency evaluation

Two weeks ago I (Laura Waltersdorfer) successfully completed the proficiency evaluation presenting my research topic “Auditable Semantic Web Machine Learning Systems”. 

The proficiency evaluation is the first milestone for doctoral studies at the faculty of Informatics at TU Wien by presenting the research proposal in front of a committee.

The procedure consists of a 30 minute presentation, followed by a scientific discussion. 

Members of the committee were Axel Polleres, Emanuel Sallinger and Hilda Tellioglu, as Dean of Academic Affairs, as well as my supervisor Marta Sabou.

In the presentation, I provided context of the research field, my research questions, the planned methodology, initial results and an outlook to future work. 

It was an interesting experience and provided me with valuable insights for my future research.

I want to thank all committee members for their input and questions as well as my advisor team for supporting me so far in the PhD process.