VasQua Closing Dinner: A Celebration!

Yesterday (04.05.2022),  SemSys colleagues and partners from EnterAnGo  celebrated the successful completion of the VasQua project. EnterAnGo is a start-up that focuses on travel planning and was engaged in technology transfer with the SemSys group as part of the VasQua project that lasted for two years (between January 2020 – December 2021) and was funded by the Vienna Business Agency (  

Concretely, in VasQua we tried to adapt our research on semantic web technologies and auditability to the travel planning and management domain. Such applied research is vital to clarify our assumptions about our research and increase its impact. 

We received valuable and constructive feedback during the project, which spurred us to continue working on improvements. This feedback, especially on the high barrier of entry (due to the “uniqueness” of the semantic web technologies), will be something we aim to address in our future work. 

We would like to thank all our team members involved in the project and our colleagues at EnterAnGo, especially Peter and Richard, who were helpful and cooperative during the entire project duration. We are looking forward to future cooperations!