SemSys attending ESWC 2023 in Crete, Greece

ESWC’23 took place from May 28th- June 1st in Crete, Greece, and parts of our team participated and presented onsite. 

The first two days were Workshop days with topics running from data management, knowledge graph construction, and resilience research to many more.

On Monday, the PhD Symposium took place, in which Stefani Tsaneva participated and presented her work “Evaluating Knowledge Graphs with Hybrid Intelligence”.

Stefani Tsaneva presenting her PhD Symposium paper.

In the evening, there was also a student-only gathering, in which some of our PhD students (Stefani, Majlinda, and Laura) participated.  

On Wednesday three of our papers were presented: Starting with the track “The next 20 years”, Axel Polleres presented the paper “From Semantic Web to Wisdom Web: A Retrospective on the Journey to 2043” anticipating future research directions. All in all, the entire track was very interesting, however, only time will show the accuracy of any predictions. 

In the afternoon our remaining two papers were presented in the “KGs and ML” track: First, Fajar Ekaputra presented our resource paper Describing and Organizing Semantic Web and Machine Learning Systems in the SWeMLS-KG, additional resources can be accessed here.

Fajar Ekaputra presenting the resource paper.

Anna Breit then presented our in-use paper: Combining Semantic Web and Machine Learning for Auditable Legal Key Element Extraction

Of course, there were plenty of other highly interesting talks, to name only a few impressions:

  • Two keynotes related to Neurosymbolic AI: 
    • Reasoning with Realistically Imperfect Knowledge by Alexander Gray
    • Reasoning at Scale: Why, How, and What’s Next  by Efthymia Tsamoura  [slides]
  • Works related to Large Language Models and Prompting (no complete list): 
    • Knowledge Injection to Counter Large Language Model (LLM) Hallucination [pdf] by Ariana Martino, Michael Iannelli, and Coleen Truong
    • Knowledge Graph Generation from Wikipedia in the Age of ChatGPT: Knowledge Extraction or Knowledge Hallucination? [slides] keynote by Heiko Paulheim
    • Is GPT fit for KGQA? — Preliminary results Gerhard Klager and Axel Polleres 
  • A workshop on Semantic Methods for Events and Stories (SEMMES) with an interesting keynote by Paul Groth “Video, Narratives and Knowledge Graphs”. [slides]
  • Marieke van Erp with the keynote “Unflattening Knowledge Graphs”  about the important topic of complex entities especially in the humanities [slides]
Left to Right: Fajar Ekaputra, Marta Sabou, Laura Waltersdorfer, Felix Rinker, Majlinda Llugiqi, Stefani Tsaneva

Thanks to all the speakers and organizers for this conference!