AI Summer School 2023

In early July 2023, the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (CAIML) at TU Wien hosted the AI National Summer School. This summer school, ASAI’s first edition, was held from July 3-7, 2023. It was an interdisciplinary program that offered introductory courses in all areas of Artificial Intelligence. Members of the Semantic System Group, including Laura Waltersdorfer, Stefani Tsaneva, Majlinda Llugiqi, and Guntur Budi Herwanto, were participating in this summer school.

From left to right: Fajar Ekaputra, Majlinda Llugiqi, Laura Waltersdorfer, Stefani Tsaneva
and Guntur Budi Herwanto

The summer school program offered comprehensive coverage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), covering both technical aspects like symbolic methodologies and machine learning, and its societal implications. The schedule was filled with sessions conducted by prominent figures in the field. These ranged from Deep Clustering and Knowledge Graphs on the first day to Brain-Inspired Computation and Ethical AI Frameworks on the last day, with topics like Deep Learning, Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and AI for Optimization in between.

In addition to the main sessions, special events were held, including a “Women in AI” event featuring a keynote by Jana Eder and a panel discussion on career pathways in AI and Data Science. An outcome presentation of the Digital Humanism Summit and an Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASAI) event with a dinner were other highlights. Our member Fajar Ekaputra represented the Semantic Systems Group at this ASAI event and presented in the poster session.

The program concluded with a group works’ presentation on Ethical AI aimed to trigger in-depth discussions on the ethical aspects of AI. Relevant materials and slides for this AI summer school program can be accessed via provided URLs for those interested in delving deeper into the discussed topics:

Slides for this summer school are available.

Those interested in the ASAI event can view the materials.

Majlinda’s group presenting their results