Guest researcher visit from Spain

Last week, between 11-14 July, SemSys was honored to host the research visit of Dr. María Poveda-Villalón, who is an associate professor at the Artificial Intelligence Department  of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is also part of the Ontology Engineering Group research lab. Her research activities focus on Ontological Engineering, Ontology Evaluation, Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web.

Although quite short, the visit was very intense and fruitful. First, the visit served as a setting to intensify our ongoing collaboration on the topic of Human centric evaluation of semantic resources and to finalize the write-up of a Systematic Mapping Study on this topic. Second, we had several discussions and identified research  synergies as well as options for future collaboration topics  between SemSys and the Ontology Engineering Group research lab. Finally, Dr. María Poveda-Villalón gave a guest talk on “Recent developments in ontology engineering”.

Besides work meetings, we also enjoyed our visitor’s company in numerous social events, including also a business lunch where all group members could discuss their work with the visitor.

Business lunch with our guest, Dr.  María Poveda-Villalón and the SemSys Group.